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– The Raspberry Pi – Shopping for it and setting it up at Home

Many children like to carry on coding at home with their Raspberry Pi and show you their learning.

Shopping for A RASPBERRY PI latest Model 4 =usually about €65 – €70 all included. 

You need to buy not just the Pi but accessories:

  • 16GB min Micro SD card
  • Pi plug
  • Pi cover (optional – but keeps it safer) 
  • Micro-HDMI monitor lead

You will need to have at home: 

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Wifi 

Amazon can be useful for accessories or better still source them second hand … eBay or CEX shops in Stillorgan and Dun Laoghaire 


A pre-formated SD card can be bought with the Pi software downloaded on it, but this has not worked 33% of the time for me. 

If you want to buy a blank SD card and download the software yourself please click here to find out how to download the software, Raspbian OS.  Downloading NOOBS lite takes about an hour and it updates it to the latest version.  

I will sign it in to the shared browser later where links to the online education resources are accessible and I will install a safety filter.  

The Raspberry Pi can be attached to various accessories or it can be attached with some wizardry software to your laptop.

Viewing the Raspberry Pi via a Laptop/Computer
Click here for information from on about how to do this.

Family Online Safety

Safe surfing is increasingly important, and there are a few inexpensive things you, as a parent, can do at home to help keep your child safe.  Click here for a few suggestions.

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