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Super Coders – Lycée Francais d’Irlande, Foxrock

‘SUPER CODERS’ After-School Programme September 2018-2019

Lycée Francais d’Irlande, Foxrock



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CLASSES WILL RUN Mondays and Thursdays, starting Thursday 30 August 2018


Please email to check for a place.  (Bookings through Eventbrite has closed now.)


Mon  – 3.45 – 4.45 pm – 7 – 9 year old  FROM 

Mon – 4.45 – 5.45 pm 9 years +

Thur – 3.45 – 4.45 pm 7 – 9 years   FROM 3 September

Thur  – 4.45 – 5.45 pm 9 years +

Times: please note the classes are starting one hour later than last year.  The price this year is reduced to allow for the price of extra Garderie for some children who may have to stay later.

As the children work through materials at their own pace on their own learning path, the classes are divided by age rather than computer experience.

PRICE: €135 for first term – 10% discount for a second child, and 5% for annual payment. Its about €65 for Raspberry Pi mini computer for children, buyable through this website at bulk discount for your convenience.

PAYMENT: in September.


This is a great opportunity for your child to learn the concepts of programming in a fun way. Your child will be working on their own program, working through materials at their own pace.  While making their own games they will be:

  • learning the importance of logical order while putting commands in the right to make their cool character move
  • learning about hardware by putting together their computer
  • learning about software by upgrading their operating system and more

French Language Program

Two of the main online programs we use, ‘Scratch’ and ‘Code.Org’ are translatable into at least 24 languages, including French.  So children without English can do this course too.


Your child will be using a Raspberry Pi, a mini computer designed in the UK especially to make it affordable for children to learn computers like coding and electronics.  Model 3 has wifi and bluetooth. It comes pre-programmed with many educational programs. 

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK based charity founded to provide children with affordable computers and lots of  interesting activities to inspire them to enjoy using computers.

We use internationally recognised coding programs used by millions of children. 

We will be starting online using suitable for 7 years plus and beginners, with fun games and cool heroes and heroines.  See video at the base of this page. is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science. also organises the annual Hour of Code campaign which has engaged 10% of all students in the world.


Your child will be working through this child-friendly online program designed by MIT lab and used internationally.  They will be using block programming and skill sheets at their own pace.  They will be working with each other and on their own having fun making their own ‘flappy bird’ games and more.

R Pi hand

Super Typers

– BBC dance mat online program 

Your child can have the chance to learn touch-typing using an award winning program.

Technical Know-How

While the children need to assemble and take apart their computer each class, they gain experience trouble shooting software and hardware problems and understanding how the parts go together.

Minecraft Game

Each Raspberry Pi comes pre-loaded with lots of software, including the popular Minecraft game which many play as a group on the network at the free time at the end of the class, which helps their team building skills when they design (and destroy) buildings.   Some of the older children can learn to program this in Python to few a fancy things, like build super quickly.


Robotics – Python

Python comes preloaded on the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Foundation has lots of activities developed for children to inspire them to have fun and learn more.

Astro Pi Project

The ‘Sense Hat’ has been a hit this year.  This electronic attachment made specially for Raspberry Pis, has a square of LED lights which can be programmed in Python to light up, creating their own animations.  It can sense temperature and has a joy stick for game making.      The Sense Hat has been developed for a special Astro Pi Project in the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  We are working towards being part of this project this year where children can program their Sense Hat to spell out messages to an astronaut in space who can receive it on their Sense Hat and Raspberry Pi.

Above: A jumping cheese puff in lights, proudly being demonstrated using the Sense Hat attachment to their Raspberry Pi and programmed in Python.

Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi software comes preloaded on the Raspberry Pi, and this allows the user to write electronic music written with code.  A few of the older children had fun doing the introductory module to make their own electronic music.


Raspberry Pis, Parents will have to buy one of these. You can buy one through this website, for about €70 including a Pi plug, SD card and plastic protective case.  This will be ordered in bulk to reduce costs for your convenience.

 ‘Sense Hat’.

Parents have generously donated other necessary equipment such as the monitors, keyboards, and headphones.


Small classes  guaranteed with about 8 children per class to help each child can get enough attention.


€135 for first term of 15 – 16 weeks.  Annual payment has a  5% discount.

There is 10% discount for siblings.

Raspberry Pi  (mini computers) €65 each

– a discounted price through this website when ordered in bulk online from the wholesalers.


A place is guaranteed with payment, online through this website or bank transfer.

You will be emailed regarding payment, and a place will kept on receipt of payment.


Once a place has been agreed, each parent needs to complete an online booking form giving permission for their child to go online, in order to comply with guidelines on good practice.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate your child.  More coding classes may be put on if the classes are full and the LFI after-school program can provide an alternative place in Garderie for your child if required.


All communication regarding this program is through or 086 1927 260.


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‘Hour of Code’ game from that the children use in LFI.


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