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– LFI Foxrock Class Time Structure

How is the class time  structured? 

1   The first 15 minutes we assemble the Raspberry Pis.

  • This gives the children the chance to learn about the hardware, and how to trouble shoot any of their technical problems …

For the next 30 minutes the children work through various activity sheets of different levels.

  • They get a sticker on completion of each activity, and a certificate on completion of the sheet.
  • This means that they and I can see their learning progress

3   Show and tell …. the students can show their games on the projector to the class and describe how they made it.

4   The last 15 minutes is ‘Free Time’, for them to do what they like on the computer.

  • Many love playing Minecraft on the network together, building and destroying their worlds they create together. [Minecraft Pi version comes with the Raspberry Pi.]
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