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Maths Skills

Web maths 3

The online maths course is suitable for children from between 5 and 17 years of all abilities, as it starts at the beginning and goes up to Leaving Cert level. 

Your child will have the opportunity to work independently through their maths course.  This online personalised learning course is designed so that your child can take the time to understand the topics when they want, and leap ahead when they know it well enough and remain interested and focussed on the material.

  • mapped to your child’s school curriculum 
  • The course is used by 4 million active users worldwide.
  • different angles for different learning styles
  • personalised learning which allows your child to work at their own pace
  • builds skills
  • builds confidence
  • cost-effective support
  • easily measurable achievements
  • experienced tutor support in the meeting

How does this online course work?

  • The online course generates more resources when your child needs more practice and allow them move on faster when they get it right due to its adaptive dynamic programme based on an algorithm 
  • it has a comprehensive bank of 1000s of questions
  • the more progress your child makes, the more confident they can become at maths
  • your child’s progress is easily measurable online, and as they progress they get more virtual rewards which they can collect, and which can be also easily viewed by parents and teachers.

We meet once a week in a group and  your child will work through the online materials at their own pace, alongside other students, with a tutor to supervise and support.

Your child will have the chance to get a great base to move on easily into higher levels of education.



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