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National & EU Strategies for Numeracy



The Irish Department of Education and Skills Promotes Numeracy for Learning & Life in The National Strategy

The Irish Department of Education and Skills acknowledges the importance of literacy and numeracy in their Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life, The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People, 2011-2020. It notes that repeated assessments of mathematics at primary level have revealed weak performance in important areas of the mathematics curriculum such as problem solving and measures. It recognises that there is an urgent need to improve the basic skills as it says that world-class literacy and numeracy skills will be essential for the rebuilding of our economic prosperity and ensuring the well-being of our society.



The European Commission Promotes Numeracy and New Technologies

The European Commission puts a strong emphasis on countries to ensure school children develop the so called basic skills of maths and technology. It found that 20% of children leave school with below average maths and technology ability in Europe.  Part of the EU’s strategic growth strategy seeks to promote smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. A key factor in the achievement of this strategy concerns literacy, numeracy, science, and technology.



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