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‘New Scientist’ Reports on Integrating Technology into Education

In the USA … 


A High Ranking High School in California Credits Integrating Technology into Education 
An example of the success of integrating new technologies into the school was given in the New Scientist, where a top achieving school in California believes that integrating software into its education programme has helped the school become the 16th highest ranking school in California, according to a report from Summit Preparatory Charter High School in California where students spend a portion of each week working independently with a computer program that suggests work and tracks progress (New Scientist, 23 August 2014 p 17). 

In Europe …

The European Commission Supports New Technologies in Educational Programme.  It believes believes that literacy, numeracy, science, and technology are the foundation for further learning and are a gateway to employment and social inclusion.

The policy of the European Commission for Education and Training strongly supports the use of new technologies – online learning materials – in order to open up education and improve its efficiency.