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– Carry on Coding at Home


The children are very proud to show off their work with parents at home.  In class, they are working away through various programmes at their own speed.  They have their own login and password which stores their progress in some of the programs.  They are all very welcome to carry on at home

Technical requirements:

  • many of the programs can be accessed online on a PC or Tablet, as well as their Pi.
  • The programs usually need the Acrobat plug in, ‘Flash reader’ to work.  This is built into the Chrome browser or can be downloaded from Acrobat; you will be prompted if required to do this.


  • The children have their own login and password picture.
  • The programs we use can be translated in French and other languages.
  • These programs run on PCs, laptops and tablets.  

This year’s students:

Pre 2019 students:

  • Course 5 for 9 years plus 
  • Course 1 Beginners  – click here. ‘Computer Science Fundamentals International’
  • Course 2 Intermediate – click here ‘Computer Science Fundamentals International’
  • Course 1 Beginners – click here
  • Course 2 Intermediate – click here


  • After the children complete their first set of 12 skills in the first term, they get their own login to login online to the scratch website.
  • Click here for the login page.
  • The children create their own login and word password.
  • This program can be translated in French and other languages.
  • It runs on Pis, PCs  and tablets. 
  • The children use this to create their own games online and view the Scratch game community.   
  • Younger students can work offline in Scratch, and need no login. 


There is no login needed for this, and the children record their progress on sheets with lots of stickers as they finish each level.

Tech specs needed for typing program: Browser Netscape v 6 or above, Mozilla browsers-Firebird, Firefox, Internet Explorer v 5.0 or above. Plug-in  Flash player version 6.0 or above. PC (x86) or Macintosh. Speakers/headphones are recommended but not necessary.


There are opportunities to learn Python program, considered the next best step after block coding in Scratch.

PYTHON – Astro Pi Project

This year we are entering the challenge run by Raspberry Pi Foundation and European Space Educational agency to message astronauts on the International Space Station in Python.

Click here to see the project

Other Pi Projects

Click here for more exciting projects from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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