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Computers for Children

 Coding for Children 

Children are having fun learning to write code and being creative making their own games.  Why is this important?

It encourages ‘computational thinking‘ …

  • it helps children write commands in a logical order in order to make their program work,
  • understand the order in which the computer systems work.

Creativity … 

  • the children can learn skills to make up their own games

Social skills

  • the children learn to work in pairs to make games
  • and create artificial worlds as a team on the network playing Minecraft.

Technical know how

  • the child learn to put together their computers at the beginning of class and learn how to troubleshoot.
  • Last year most learnt how to upgrade their operating system when a new major upgrade appeared


We use professional online programs for children to learn which are tried and tested …

Programs like ….


  • an online program developed in the USA for children aged 8+ to learn skills and share collaboratively online 

  • an online program for children aged 6+ to have fun learning doing puzzles which integrate computing ideas so they learn doing games  

The Super Coders course is being run from September in Lycee Francais d’Irlande