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How does the Leap Programme for Children work?

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This computer based programme focuses on providing professional resources and a positive fun atmosphere to help children get an excellent knowledge in the three core skills, computer skills, maths and English  using 21st century technology.

It’s fun!

Your child can be creative and can make mini-movies, posters, cards, slideshows, computer games and more.

It’s educational! 

Your child can practice the essential skills of maths, touch-typing and English using online fun courses.

It’s personal!

The algorithms in the online programmes adapt to your child’s ability, so your child’s learning path will be individual as the programmes adjust.

It’s professional!

The online maths, English and coding courses are professionally designed courses and used by millions internationally.

It’s available 24/7!  

Lots of the materials are available online, so your child can practice at home and during the holidays.  You, as a parent, can help your child learn working the suggested answers, so no need to worry about not knowing the answer!

It’s affordable!  

Learning in a group is cheaper for your pocket and more sociable for your child as they will meet other children interested in similar areas.

It’s booking up!    

Places are limited as there is a one child per computer and a maximum of 10 children per class, depending on the size of the room.


The online programmes are based on algorithms and adjust to your child’s abilities.  They are great at recording scores, and generating virtual rewards for the children.  Individual child reports are automatically generated and:

  • you, the parent, will receive regular emails with their progress,
  •  the child gets virtual rewards as their scores rise,
  • and the tutor is emailed regular class reports.

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