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Enjoy learning computers!

There is so much to learn and enjoy about using computers …. and learning using online programs can help us learn faster, as they adapt to our ability.



E-learning for children.  There are many online programs developed professionally for children so they can build on the essential skills of numeracy, literacy and computer skills:

  • Coding for Children 

    Want your child to learn coding and be creative … coding will help them put instructions in a logical order to make their own games.  Scratch and are great online programs for children to learn on.

  • Touch typing for children 

There are several great online programs for the children to use to practise and learn this invaluable skill.

  • Maths and English for school children: 

Many children benefit from using online programs which adapt to their ability, speeding them on if its too easy and generating more questions when they are slower.  Getting a good grounding in basic skills of Maths, English and computers will help.


Computer skills for adults  –  one-to-one tuition in the home or workplace:

In the workplace …. keep up-to-date with the new technology – computer literacy is the new literacy essential for many workplace.

Learn more about Microsoft Office programs, the online Google suite of programs,

Studying as a mature student?  Learn how to create professionally typed essays with references and more.

Got a computer at home and your family want you to start using it more? 

  • Keep in contact with family abroad video calling with Skype and Whatsapp
  • Stay connected with friends here and abroad with Facebook
  • Learn how to maintain your own computer and keep it protected from viruses and running smoothly
  • Create your own Youtube channel and upload your videos
  • Create beautiful pictures using your digital camera’s software and make albums
  • Manage your email better