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Post-Primary Pupils with Dyslexia

Does your child struggle with reading and writing for their age?   Has your child been assessed for dyslexia?    There are many evidence based strategies now to help your child focus on areas that are difficult and help them learn better.

What can you do as a parent?  The Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) run workshops with advice for parents which you might find useful.

The DAI also run workshops in various areas after-school for primary school children with dyslexia.  They have good resources, access to a panel of tutors, experienced teachers, and small groups.

Primary schools general provide more support than secondary schools to students with additional learning needs.

Specialist one-to-one tuition in your home is available.

Máire works with post-primary level pupils and adults.  She specialises in utilising professional online courses for maths and languages, focusing on visual and auditory ways of learning.  There is now a wealth of materials online which supports junior cert and leaving cert students with their learning, as it provides another avenue of learning and preparing for exams.  Eg.

  • is a great maths website as it is very visual, well organised and easy to follow.   It is subscription based.

Focussing on improving maths and English can provide stronger pillars that can support the student in learning in other areas.

Máire is registered with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.

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Specialist Dyslexia Tuition