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   Máire O’Brien

Registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland

Máire has worked in the area of education and technology since 1995; working in further education, community education and as a special class teacher, with experience of pupils with autism, and multiple learning and physical needs.


She is running an after-school programme for primary school children learning coding and computer skills.  She is  keen that students get a good foundation in the core skills of computer literacy and maths in a fun way.  They are encouraged to make computer games and projects, using professional online programmes, available in many languages.

ONE-TO-ONE TUITION AT HOME AND IN THE OFFICE – using blended learning techniques.  

Students: She provides tuition in homes to students with dyslexia – integrating professional online programmes into education to provide a more visual and creative approach to education, often attractive to those with dyslexia. Some of these programmes have algorithms that guide students along a personalised learning course that can help speed up learning.

Adults: She also helps adults to make good use of programmes such as Microsoft Office, the Google suite, and WordPress websites.


She has completed two post-graduate courses in e-learning and education. 

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